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michael flocker

The Sound of Falling Stars

Book Description
When Martin Krumm learns that a beloved character from his childhood in Berlin has died, he returns to his mother's home in England in search of answers. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when a series of secrets and revelations come tumbling out from the past. Disturbed by what he discovers, he embarks on a strange and twisting journey that takes him from the English countryside to the bright lights of Berlin and the winding canals and cobblestoned streets of Amsterdam. Armed with just a name and an old address, he sets out in search of someone he has never met - someone he must find if he is ever to learn the truth about the secrets that were left behind.

The Sound of Falling Stars is an unconventional love story that continually shifts direction, location, and even time, as layers unfold and the extraordinary connections between the past and the present, and the colorful cast of characters, are revealed. It is a sly and surprising story that illustrates how love can always come back to us, even after decades of silence, and change everything.

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