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michael flocker

The Hedonism Handbook

The Lost Arts of Leisure and Pleasure
Book Description
From the best-selling author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style, an amusing tour of vice and its virtues and the anti-self help book of all time.

In the age of Oprah, Dr. Phil, and countless other self-help disciplinarians, indulging in any kind of pleasurable pastime is on the brink of extinction. But it's not too late to revive those lost pleasures that make life worth living. The Hedonism Handbook can help put the three-martini lunch, the baguette with real butter, the deep tan, the unfiltered cigarette, or the simple act of lying in a hammock under the stars back within our grasp. A tongue-in-cheek, satirical guide to the "good" life, The Hedonism Handbook will help us reclaim it all.

With his characteristic wit, author Michael Flocker combines humorous reviews of historical excesses, suggestions for everyday indulgences, lists of hedonistic icons with famous quotes and earnest warnings about the perils of structured living. Made up of ten worldly wise chapters arranged to form a journey for the reader- a path from the straight-and-narrow into wide-open fields of frivolity- The Hedonism Handbook will help readers master the lost arts of leisure and pleasure. It provides an entertaining, yet (if you're not careful), life-changing read.
Hedonism Press:
"Flocker, that oracle of panache who wrote the best-selling Metrosexual Guide to Style, returns with this fetching little paperback that celebrates life as it should be lived."
- USA Today

"By hilariously demolishing the ideals and delusions of overachievers and technomaniacs, The Hedonism Handbook cleverly outlines the path to Nirvana."
- Instinct

"Delightfully laid out, with amusing marginalia and wonderful Victorian-era illustrations, and there are plenty of barbs to keep readers chuckling."
- Publishers Weekly

"It’s a simple message, but a good one."
- New York Post

"A refreshing change from earnest self-help books."
- Chicago Tribune

"No one, runs the gag, went to the grave wishing they'd spent more time at the office. Now, into the gloom of presenteeism, long hours and the work-till-you-die culture comes a corrective. Entitled The Hedonism Handbook: Mastering the Lost Arts of Leisure and Pleasure, this manifesto offers career-driven office drones a step-by-step guide to having fun. Flocker's book is for fun, but one senses that he is tapping into something deeper."
- The Independent News UK

"Debauchery is de best when your life lacks luster, says Flocker, so unleash your inner wild child."
- New York Daily News

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