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michael flocker

Death by PowerPoint

A Modern Office Survival Guide
Book Description
Does your manager talk endlessly about "engineering synergy" and "bridging disconnects?" Does the guy in the next cube to you eavesdrop and peek at what's in your personal drawer? Are "circle back," "drill down," and "sign-off" regrettably part of your vocabulary? And what about last year's holiday party -- did you behave inappropriately during that "mandatory fun?"
If you work in any kind of office -- large or small -- the answers to these questions are undoubtedy "yes" and you obviously and desperately need the handy manual you now hold in your hands. A life-saving guide to the perils, pitfalls and peculiarities of corporate culture, Death by Powerpoint provides incisive coverage of everything you'll need to get ahead (or simply stay above water.)

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